Put down your tablets and phone, close your laptops (after you read this) and turn off the TV

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I swear, the remote control is attached to my sons’ hand whenever he is in the house. Don't get me wrong, he loves being outside and he love playing with his Legos when inside. But being the only child, when dads not home, and when mom can't play with him because I’m cooking supper or putting away laundry that has been sitting on my couch for 4 days (don't judge) he pouts because no one is playing with him. So, I let him turn on Netflix.

But as school just started up, I made a new rule that says no TV when we are eating supper. I found this list of questions on (of course) Pinterest to ask him. Him only being 6 and a boy, I can only ask him (and my husband) about 5 questions until they get agitated with me and ALL OF MY QUESTIONS! lol

Here a few other ideas...

  • Click on this link for printable questions, cut them up and place them in a jar and have everyone pick a question to ask the whole family.

  • I remember when I was growing up, we would always make up name cards (on plain index cards) and between my mom, dad, brother and sister we would take turns writing different questions for everyone that night. That was always a fun way to keep the dinner table full of conversations. #familyconversations #familydinner

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